Why do people drink it?

Alcohol is just a beverage for some people but for others, the reason they drink it is so much more than just because it tastes nice. It has been found that the main reasons youth may drink it are:

  • They are curious or want to experiment. People often just want to experience the hype of drinking alcohol. This is most often the case for teenagers.
  • Some drink to act mature or older than they really are. This may be to fit into a group of people. This is probably the second most reason for consuming alcohol for youth. Teens just want to fit in and pressure from their peers can force them into drinking alcohol.                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Some drink when they go to parties to enjoy themselves and socialise. Alcohol removes stress and helps people gain confidence that they wouldn’t normall have. THis is great for socialising.
  • They may want to celebrate and relieve boredom. People like to be entertained and have fun so drinking alcohol and removing all the boredom from their lives seems like a pretty good idea.
  • Many drink alcohol to relax and unwind. Some people are tired and highly stressed and need something to help them calm down. Alcohol does slow down the body but it is not recommened to be used as a stress remover
  • Some use alcohol to forget their troubles and problems. People who do this are labelled depressed drinkers. They drink to forget their issues and want to make their lives seem a little bit better just for a short period of time. This is the worst reason to drink
  • They may be addicted to alcohol and require to have it in their body at all times. This is called alcohol dependence. They may find that they have been consuming alcohol so long that if they do stop drinking it, they will go through withdrawal and experience sickness, headaches and pain.

Whatever reason someone drinks alcohol, if you are under the age of 18 it is illegal and you should at least minimise your drinking habits as much as possible.


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