Treatment and Management

There are several ways to treat  manage your alcohol consumption.

Pharmaceutical Treatments

  • There are pharmaceutical treatments such as Valium and Antenex that can be taken for short periods of time to reduce the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal such as anxiety, sweating, depression, and vomiting.
  • Thiamine tablets and injections are available also. Chronic alcohol drinkers do not absorb Thiamine well so consuming these tablets or having these injections helps to improve the Thiamine deficiency in a drinkers body and helps with its symptoms
  • Acamprosate is a drug that helps restore the chemical imbalance in the human brain. It helps resist the cravings of alcohol withdrawal. It is to be taken 3 times a day and can be subsidised by the Government for use by diagnosed alcoholics.


Rehabilitation  is a treatment available for alcoholism. It involves a set of treatment generally over a week to a month in which the objective is that the patient will no longer be addicted to the drug. This process is called rehabilitation. It usually involves a series of sessions with counsellors, doctors, and psychologists. It also often involves alcohol detoxification (the complete removal of alcohol from the body). Rehabilitation can be residential (living there) or check in every day for a check up.

Some Simple Tips

To manage your alcohol consumption, there are some really simple things that you can do.   

  • First, consult your doctor or GP. Let them know of your intention to manage your drinking.
  • Set a limit for yourself (and stick to it) of how many drinks you will drink in a day, week, or occasion.
  • When at a party, drink non-alcoholic beverages before moving on to alcoholic beverages, then alternate between the two.
  • When you do move onto alcoholic beverages drink them  slowly (sip, don’t scull because it ain’t a race) and have a snack while you’re drinking. 
  • Swap your higher alcohol content drinks for lower alcohol content drinks. By simply swapping your regular beer for a light beer you could be more than halving the alcohol content in your drinks. 
  • Let someone know about your alcohol management plan and report back to them every now and then about your progress.
  • Remove all or most alcohol from your house. This will remove the temptation of consuming alcohol whilst at home. 
  • Take a break from alcohol. Take a day in which you will not consume alcohol each week.
  • Educate yourself. By educating yourself on the consequences of high alcohol consumption and alcoholism you are half way on the road to managing your consumption.


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