There are some very interesting yet scary statistics about young people and alcohol. These have been found in studies with thousands of young participants from all over Australia. Let’s start with a few simple statistics.

  • 90% of 14 year olds have consumed a full glass of alcohol
  • 95% of 17 year olds have consumed a full glass of alcohol
  • The average age that people begin experimenting with alcohol is 15 and a ½

These three statistics prove that people first consume alcohol in their mid-teens despite the law setting the legal age limit at 18. This is where the addiction to alcohol begins.

Here’s another statistic:

  • One in five teenagers drink weekly

One in five teenagers is one in five too many. Teenagers are given access to alcohol too easily and the consumption of it at this age is terrible for their health.

Let’s move onto another statistic.                                        

  • Alcohol is not seen by youth as a problem drug similiar to cocaine or cannabis.

This stat basically says that alcohol is not recognized as a dangerous, life threatening drug. This is the reason so many teenagers drink alcohol.

There are two more statistics however that are the scariest of all. It is:

  • 13% of teen deaths are alcohol related
  • One teenager dies each week as a result of alcohol abuse

This scary number can be linked with only one other record

  • Binge drinking among 14-19 years was at a rate of 39.2% in 2009

Binge drinking is at a huge rate and it is binge drinking that causes death


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