Signs and Symptoms

There are some really simple ways to tell if someone has been consuming alcohol. These include:

  • the smell of alcohol on the person’s breath or skin
  • bloodshot or glazed eyes
  • the person being overly passive (laid-back) or argumentative
  • deterioration in appearance and hygiene
There are also ways to tell if a person has developed an addiction to alcohol. These are:
  • constantly attempting to find an opportunity to drink alcohol
  • difficulties with relationships (breaking up with girlfriend/boyfriend, losing friends)
  • struggling with employment and school work (grades going down, loss of job)
  • increased irritability or abusiveness
  • constant sickness such as nausea, headaches and vomiting after consuming alcohol
There are also ways to recognize that you have an addiction to alcohol. These include the ones above as well as the following:
  • constant fatigue
  • friends and family criticizing your drinking habits
  • friends and family worrying about your drinking habits
  • drinking before arriving at a party
  • choosing to only attend social events with alcohol
  • not being able to choose when and how much you drink
  • suffering with legal or financial problems as a result or your drinking habits

Chances are, if you have to ask yourself the question “Am I an alcoholic?” then you probably are.


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